Paris fashion week street snap Liu Shishi fashion gorgeous dress up

Takeaway: October of this year’s Paris, generously gave us unprecedented sunshine and warmth, so with Liu Shishi fashion week in a week, even busy work, also become very happy and comfortable. Let a person cannot ignore is that the young beautiful girls also have a relaxed and delightful warmth like early autumn michael kors bags sunshine energy. Two stunning appearance in Paris where she won acclaim, and fashionable for her, and smile, also is a kind of innate talent, combined with her temperament is always more to make people comfortable. “I’m the second time to come to Paris, I like the feeling of Paris, even if doing nothing, just walk, also can feel the air is fresh factor restoring ancient ways. The most like to see buildings in Paris, the city’s buildings are very artistic sense, their maintenance of buildings are very impressive, of course, all over the world people’s minds, Paris is the definition of fashion romantic, yes, it sure is.” – Liu Shishi

Paris fashion week street snap Liu Shishi fashion gorgeous dress up

Before the trip and Liu Shishi fashion week, I’m not a fan of TV michael kors outlet store series, so for Liu Shishi charm, not the most direct. Together a week later, I understand why this girl so popular. In addition to a white delicate face and not a hold enough fine waist, etc. These factors constitute a beauty, she is really love to laugh, smile is really nice. Love words, but no and decoration, warm personality, is that kind of contact, the girl’s eyes will feel very comfortable. Fate usually prefer such a girl, people do.

Show thin \ latest render clothing is recommended

Takeaway: I want to thin! Loudly shout out of your mind are not the only ones, for most face wintering girls, this is a potential claim, when the jacket style and fabric for the final low temperature to avoid inevitable, render became thin required courses, so the all-round attack, how see render drills show thin about it.

Tencel render wool cultivate one’s morality dress

Thermal sensitivity of judah waists, cryogenic theory base, let a MK outlet Store person think of first is knitting, of course, but for waist size Zhang Chidu bigger of the two girls, render choice is bad, can only make a distant myth, waist curve and tencel smoothness and inclined stripe stereo match, will tighten and visual show thin deduced to get incisively and vividly, and bat sleeve small breaks down, make you a new experience what is simple but not make public.

Words with velvet render T-shirt

For vogue arises at the historic moment of the pile base, is undoubtedly urban fashion is new bestow favor on, the princess michael kors bags princess sleeve combining the waist line and drape deduce fair wen wan, the leopard spell edge led a word, but with a clear of the rocks, to render or single aura can wear is impeccable.

How to match and lighter han edition ladies fashion cloth coat

Takeaway: a dress again how beautiful, is not suitable for oneself also can become not beautiful. The clothes is not as long as you like. Their suitable style and the style that oneself like, to seek common, michael kors outlet will be able to complete both pleasant and yue oneself of great tasks. Of course, also must be appropriate to try new style, after all, only will likely have a try!

Before after short skirt pendulum cloth coat

Want beautiful and will be unique streets is love crazy five words why add trouble to. Before the short after long skirt pendulum cloth coat, strong and pure blue, as in the ocean bed. Single-breasted favors concise, light lining out the white color of skin.

Cape fur coat

Aristocratic wind dress up very highlights the girl’s elegant MK outlet Store  temperament, cloak version to don’t pick a figure, can the body hate meat meat all hidden. The collar is separate and clothes, wearing and cleaning more convenient. Afraid of the cold remember to wear a pair of fluffy long gloves.

Cultivate one’s morality in the fall and winter vest skirt collocation is sedate and easy

Takeaway: qiu dong season dress seems not so simple, not like a dress was all done in summer, it’s time to show their wear capability, become ever changing fashion queen. Contact with vest skirt, as a child is nifty and lovely, then grew up, vest skirt also cultivate one’s morality show thin, even to the 40 s age, brunet attune sundresses MK outlet Store also sedate and easy. This year qiu dong, let it continue to keep in our company!

Pure color vest skirt of cultivate one’s morality

Leisurely and comfortable afternoon, sitting in a cafe outside looked michael kors outlet to the distant mountain, mountain full of maple leaf asb, like fire, render the sky. Girls purple dress, lined with the white lace render unlined upper garment, so dazzling, let a person can’t help but look twice.

Qiu dong’s secret garden girls fashion wear

Takeaway: austral the witch told me that the human mind is hidden in a secret garden, planted out what what, looking forward to what will show what, all the flowers and the prophecy of happiness in human own hands. If you have a secret garden, imagine what it will be a mk handbags little?

Qiu dong’s secret garden girls fashion wear

Hooded with velvet rope cotton-padded clothes

Rabbit long ear gently across from the front, tread you yan calf in the flower diameter, long white clouds, the sun warm and it turned MK outlet Store contemptuously, glancing at you, said: “the lazy girl is not worth the ruby flower, not to look forward to the energy of the red shirt!”

Type knee-high boots to keep warm with winter light legs also just as well

Guide language: temperatures in the thick of autumn, let a single shoes had officially retired, boat shoes, boots official winter market, and boots this year through the knee length is the hard truth, long michael kors outlet store enough to wear out.

Star light legs through the knee boots

Olivia Palermo

Olivia – Palermo wear plaid? Straight dress with elegant gray knee-high boots at a show, the waist place of the lower zipper decoration strengthened the people to the attention of her slender legs.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr it is almost summer dress, only under the MK bags outlet  reminding of boots make people perceive real solar terms. Of course if she is wearing a knee-length coat again will be more suitable for the present gets colder climate.

Romon experiential marketing is winning ningbo international exposition won praise

Across the fashion borders, reveals the latest fashion tide. The 17th ningbo international fashion fair on October 24th opens in ningbo international conference and exhibition center. As the blockbuster exhibitors, romon fashion brand, in the process of promoting the development of China’s men’s wear brand has completed its brand michael kors outlet construction. With new attitude took part in this exhibit the most scale and influence. The exhibition to introduce several hundred square meters of living museum stores, will deduce acme agitation restoring ancient ways, the industrial revolution experiential marketing attracted numerous merchants and the viewer. This exhibition become one of the most classic one bright spot.

The exploration of brand culture and style

This is a breakthrough in national boundaries, cultural era of accelerated convergence. Fusion and innovation, the rise of this era keywords, is also the embodiment of the spirit of the age. For the future development of China’s men’s wear brand, absorb foreign classical culture and adapt to China’s cultural taste a fresh delicacy, to create a blue ocean territory on market change, seek the sustainable development. Romon brand tide of era culture trait has a michael kors outlet store  profound understanding and the spirit of the time. Adhere to explore unique cultural essence, the pursuit of brand “experiential” road of development. Brand style is the result of Victorian elite culture, interprets the new London gentleman style. Represents the spirit of the age. For contemporary new youth of European agitation restoring ancient ways with artistic charm clothing experience, created a brand-new elegant gentleman’s way of life.

Loro Piana power market in China

As a world famous high-end luxury brands, Loro Piana was established in 1924, always with its excellent quality and exquisite craft stability of luxury boutique market leader in the field. The brand reputation of cashmere and vicuna to design a key, and the latter is more because of its precious rare and become the pronoun of high prices.

Camel are perched in the andes, because of its fur profits by mk handbags poachers particularly ruthless killing, was already on the verge of extinction. In order to protect the endangered animals and the natural environment, Loro Piana founded in Peru first camel are private nature reserve. By 2012, the number of vicunas Peru has michael kors outlet reached 180000, and Loro Piana most fundamental purpose is to do everything possible to protect the nature.